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Rule of Law Institute

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1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
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  February, 8th    
  Chairman of RLI Mr. Latchezar Popov, RLI secretary Zachary Tsvetkov and Petromir Kanchev - a member of RLI took place in a meeting, organized by the leaders of the different religions in Bulgaria. Mr. Popov read his report and gave special explanations after which the official statement about the new Creeds act was voted and signed by RLI Chairman, Latchezar Popov, some other human rights defending NGO representatives and all participating religious leaders. After the meeting Mr. Popov flew to Roma, Italy.  
  February, 8-12th    
  Chairman of RLI, Latchezar Popov and one of the members, Russi Russev took place in the Annual conference of Europartners in Roma, Italy. There they both build up very useful relations with Christian businessmen from worldwide.  
  February, 17th    
  Samuel Ericsson - President of Advocates International and founder of RLI, arrived in Bulgaria.  
  February, 18th    
  Samuel Ericsson and Mr. Latchezar Popov - Chairman of RLI in front of journalists from the main national newspapers and some private TV channels gave a special press conference concerning the new Creeds Act, just passed on first vote in the Bulgarian Parliament. He expressed his personal opinion and also presented those of Advocates International and RLI.

Samuel Ericsson and Mr. Latchezar Popov - Chairman of RLI visited the Director of department of Ecclesiastical Matters at the Ministry council, Mr. Mladenov and the chairman of the Parliamentary commission for Human rights and religions, Mr. Soungarski where a discussion about new Creeds Act was held.

Samuel Ericsson met the members of RLI in the RLI office. The new perspectives of RLI were discussed and Mr. Ericsson also shared the perspective of Advocates International in their worldwide expansion and especially in Eastern Europe. He underlined that RLI is the pride of Advocates International as it is the biggest branch of active members in the word.